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Attend Our BEV Webinar
and Learn How to:

  • NEW UPDATE! Search ALL publicly available bankruptcy trust information, including expanded lists of jobsites, products and pictures, occupations, industries, along with trust documentation and estimated payment values.
  • NEW UPDATE! Use enhanced searches to drill down results in real-time – offering more ways to find matches between claimants and asbestos trusts.
  • NEW UPDATE! Take advantage of per-report pricing options.
  • Edit a listing of potential trust matches and generate a hard copy report to take to deposition.
  • Summarize and reference key plaintiff testimony.
  • Automatically calculate potential trust recoveries.
  • Search states that have enacted trust transparency legislation.

BEV solves the mysterious phenomenon of evidence disappearing from the record after asbestos product liability defendants file for bankruptcy.


You’ll find out how to use BEV to search bankruptcy trust information with greater efficiency and ease!

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