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7/27/2022 By Kathrin Hashemi

It was a pleasure to speak at Perrin Conferences’ virtual Asbestos Litigation Trends and Trial Overview Conference last month as part of the opening panel discussion “Recent Trends in Asbestos Litigation.” I stepped through findings and insights from KCIC’s 2021 Asbestos Litigation Year in Review, which breaks down filings statistics by disease, jurisdiction, plaintiff firm, and more. I also discussed what we have been seeing so far in 2022. 

For those of you who could not attend, I am grateful to Perrin Conferences for allowing us to share video of my portion of the presentation:

I was honored to join the discussion with fellow panelists David E. Breslau, Senior Asbestos Claim Analyst - ASU, Resolute Management, Inc.; Christopher Makuc, Senior Managing Director, PACE; Ben Vinson, Esq., Vinson Law; Erin M. Voyik, Esq., Vice President, Director, APO Global Initiatives and Claims Counsel, The RiverStone Group.

Again, many thanks to Perrin Conferences for inviting me and for making the video available.

Kathrin Hashemi

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Kathrin Hashemi has partnered with her clients on a variety of matters including litigation management, insurer billing arrangements, claims administration, and asbestos bankruptcy trusts.  Much of her work has allowed her the opportunity to have a more holistic understanding of the litigation at hand, while simultaneously being able to solve complex problems for her clients.

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