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12/10/2019 By Megan Shockley

The New York Asbestos Litigation Conference presented by Perrin Conferences will be next week on December 11th. I will be speaking during The New York Overview panel, during which we will be discussing notable changes in 2019 and what to expect in 2020. Topics that will be touched on will include filing trends, case management order, and NYCAL Tuesday Conferences.

For my part, I will be giving a summary of overall filings through November 30th for 2019, similar to our annual Asbestos Litigation Report. I'll also be taking a deeper dive into what the data tells us about both New York as a state and New York City specifically. New York City is consistently a top jurisdiction for asbestos filings, and I will be using KCIC’s data to explore how filings here compare to other top jurisdictions, as well as looking at some upstate New York jurisdictions.

My favorite part of Perrin’s conferences is the discussion about how that data can be put to use in future cases. Something unique about Perrin’s conference is that both defendants and plaintiffs attend the conference. This gives the opportunity to hear from both sides, and there are always great ideas generated from a conference like this.

To learn more about the conference, and to register, visit