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10/20/2022 By Sheila Klauck

In the space of one week, KCIC will be part of two learning opportunities—one virtual and one live—to be held in conjunction with next month’s 2022 DRI Asbestos Medicine Seminar.

We hope to see you during either, or both, occasions:

2022 Asbestos Filing Trends

WHEN: October 24, 2022 - 12:00pm CDT
WHERE: Online

This webinar is free for DRI members and non-members. Simply register and join us. Together with my colleagues Michelle Potter and Shreyas Malhotra, we will break down the latest asbestos filings data to show who is filing—and where. We will also dig into the data around the underlying claimants and show some practical tools which can help defendants proactively manage the liability.

Panel discussion:

I Don’t Want to be Tide Down: Diversity Initiative: First Installment – Missing Conversations About Diversity and Moving the Discussion to the Main Stage

WHEN: Thursday, November 3 - 2:15 p.m. PST (during the 2022 DRI Asbestos Medicine Seminar)

WHERE: San Diego, California

On the second day of the DRI Asbestos Medicine Seminar, Jonathan Terrell, KCIC president and CEO, will co-moderate a timely panel discussion on diversity. He will be joined by Mahsa Kashani Tippins of DCo LLC.

The goal of the panelists and moderators is to create a thought-provoking discussion that promotes empowering and strengthening our nation’s youth and young adults through positivity and resilience.

The session will consist of short presentations by panelists who will share their experiences as black defense lawyers and their journeys to success:

Jeanette Riggins, MG+M LLP
Monica Williams Monroe, Tucker Ellis LLP
Vanessa MerassaintBowman and Brooke LLP
Anthony L. Springfield, Polsinelli
Ben Thames, GRSM

The session will be followed by an honest discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of various diversity initiatives, with questions from both the moderators and the audience.

“This year, DRI is moving discussion of diversity and inclusion to the main stage—acknowledging that different groups within the diversity spectrum have their own unique experiences and stories and that important conversations around diversity are frequently avoided or missing,” said Jonathan.

KCIC is also a proud sponsor of the 2022 DRI Asbestos Medicine Seminar, which takes place November 2-4, 2022. You can register for the conference here.