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Forecasting Asbestos Liabilities


Asbestos liability forecasts that rely too heavily on past data applied strictly to an estimation model do not always provide a realistic picture. That’s because asbestos litigation is a defendant-specific, local problem. If statistical models don’t incorporate what’s actually happening “on the ground,” they will miss the mark.

KCIC takes a different approach. We already work deeply in the asbestos litigation arena, so we’re able to consider both the quantitative and the qualitative aspects. What you get is not only statistically sound; it’s based on observations in the data, while incorporating reality.

  • By leveraging our knowledge of the underlying claims, we can provide extensive data reporting — including an analysis of real-time propensity to be sued.
  • We use accepted actuarial techniques and well-studied epidemiological models regarding the incidence of asbestos-related disease, in conjunction with actual filings of asbestos personal injury claims.
  • We incorporate thoughtful calibrations and considerations of qualitative aspects unique to a defendant.
  • You get more than a just a model on a spreadsheet. You get a comprehensive analysis of resolution and dismissal rates by filing year, disease, jurisdiction, plaintiff firms, and more.
  • We partner and collaborate with all your stakeholders — in-house corporate counsel, finance department, defense counsel, and risk management.

Our forecasts are never a surprise and are always on-point with the realities facing the company.

Forecasting Asbestos Liabilities


If the idea of 1,500 mesothelioma cases a year not being related to asbestos interests you, you'll want to read this latest statistical analysis.
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